Sunday, March 23, 2008

St.Patrick's Day and Easter in the Same Week!!

Well, this will be my journal for now. I want to write about our Happenings this week. We went to an NBA game for the first time. The Utah Jazz vs. (I can't remember). We won that's all that matters. We went out to eat at Winger's before the game. We were watching the sports channel there and the program was about gruesome sports accidents and recreating them scientifically and in slo-motion. One particular injury was a NHL hockey player that was cut with a skate across his carotid artery in his neck. They showed footage of the injury with blood filling the ice. Then they filled a bag with blood to recreate the blood flow of the injury. We were laughing so hard. Here we were trying to eat and this was on TV. We asked if they would kindly turn the channel. Once at the game, we had a nice time and ate kettle corn. We got the tix free from our accountant and had a great time.

Who knew that Easter was right around the corner. For those who are into decorating this week must have been a headache. Good bye green - Hello easter eggs. I decided to spend Saturday with a girls day out. We went shopping for easter dresses. Hannah and Sarah found beautiful Black and White dresses and I found a pretty pale yellow dress. We also found some cute shoes to match. Then we were off to the movies to see "Penelope" A movie about a girl with a pig nose and ears. It is about liking yourself for who you are -good message to teens and pre-teens, and I guess moms too.

Easter morning brought baskets of candy and then we headed over the the George Shafer home for dinner. After eating the traditional easter bunny cake we went outside to find easter eggs. It was a nice visit.