Saturday, December 20, 2008

Laid up for the weekend

Well, here I sit in bed for the weekend. I started a beginner's jogging class last month to get into shape but 2 weeks ago my knees decided to rebel against the plan. After a trip to the rheumatologist I was "reminded" that I shouldn't jog because it aggravates the arthritis. OOPS, my bad. Now I am paying for it. It gives me a chance to get updated on everyone's blogs. It is quite fun to see the pictures. I am also getting some time to get my Christmas cards finished. And watching old black and white movies.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

December and Home Remodel

Well, It was MY idea to start remodeling 6 weeks before Christmas so I suppose I shouldn't complain that my house is a mess, I can't put up any decorations because they will be a dustball before too long, and I am going a little crazy. Here are some pics Hannah took today of the progress. We are actually starting to finish up. It should be done before January. The kids are very supportive and patient. The bad news is that I injured my knees last week and have had to stay in bed resting them most of the week. Now I have broken down and am using crutches to get around.