Saturday, December 20, 2008

Laid up for the weekend

Well, here I sit in bed for the weekend. I started a beginner's jogging class last month to get into shape but 2 weeks ago my knees decided to rebel against the plan. After a trip to the rheumatologist I was "reminded" that I shouldn't jog because it aggravates the arthritis. OOPS, my bad. Now I am paying for it. It gives me a chance to get updated on everyone's blogs. It is quite fun to see the pictures. I am also getting some time to get my Christmas cards finished. And watching old black and white movies.


fawndear said...

Now I kind of want an excuse to be laid up. But not bad enough for someone to tell me to stop running.

Pam said...

Look into my eyes..see the picture.... jogging --- knees -- jogging --- knees --- eeee, oooo, ououououo..... Now, let's not forget it!