Sunday, February 13, 2011

2-13-11 - Valentine's Eve

This week has been busy. I have had to cover some shifts at work and ended up going to work every day this week. Friday evening, Carl and I decided to have our Valentine's Date. Nothing to crazy. We went to "Goodwood" BBQ and had buffalo wings and shared a 4 meat sampler plate. That was tasty. Then Carl took me to Best Buy and I picked out a new Car Stereo and TomTom GPS. Our old stereo couldn't play my MP3 files (I subscribe to the Dennis Miller Show). The TomTom was something I've wanted for a while. I found out I can get the voice of Homer Simpson to direct me to where I'm going (funny).

Saturday we stayed home and cleaned house. Lisa's computer crashed so we went over to help for a while. Later we went to the evening session of Stake Conference.

Today's session of Stake Conference was good. We were reminded to write in our journals and that reminded me about my blog. So, I'm going to try and keep it updated with the mundane and funny things that go on in our home.

Sarah - She is working on exercising everyday and eating healthy. She is very happy that she currently has 5 A's and 1 B in her classes. I told her if she gets all A's we will celebrate.

Hannah - Is busy with "High School Musical" practices. She was home for two days this week with flu like symptoms. She babysat yesterday for Stake Conference and enjoyed it.

Today is sunny, warm and beautiful here in Lehi. I'm glad to live here.