Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hot Sunday in July

We are back from California. We loved visiting with everyone. It was fun to spend one on one time with each family. That is probably what I liked the most.

We drove to Bakersfield first and spent time with Grandma Juanita and Ray. Pizza, swimming, and Grandma sharing stories of her childhood. Next stop was San Luis Obispo to Trevor, Kiwi, and little Alina (and baby Kyla-to-be). We enjoyed cool weather and fabulous Tri-Tip sandwiches courtesy of Firestone Restaurant. We strolled downtown and walked past a beautiful mission. Then it was off to Marina to visit our CHP, Nate and Susanne and kids. Kaitlyn and Gavin became instant friends and Gavin was attached to Me for the duration of the trip (I loved it!!). We went to Lover's Point (or Cove or Beach) and saw Sea Lions, crabs, and other sea life.

Then off to Sacramento. A fun party greeted us Saturday evening to celebrate Dad's 72 birthday and Carl's 40th. Great Food, swimming, and a magic show to boot! Sunday we were able to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa at their townhouse. We went turkey searching and feather hunting, Grandpa taught Hannah Tricks, and I sat down with my dad and interviewed him about his childhood and life. Monday was shopping, shopping, shopping. Followed by the adults going out and watching Dark Knight. Tuesday we caught a temple session with Mom and had dinner at Jeff's house. Seeing the girls swinging in the trees with their cousins was priceless. Wednesday we left for home. Sad to leave, happy to have made the trip.

Thursday was Carl's birthday (officially). We had a picinic in the park with his family and came home to play Rock Band. It was a fun day.

So today we are resting, glad we got and air-conditioner for the house, and planning our next vacation.